Tap your block to switch its color between red, blue and yellow. Earn points by dragging your block to falling blocks of the same color. This simple principle quickly becomes a tough challenge as your score grows. How long will you be able to survive? Likely, not very long. But try you must.

4.5 stars on The App Store

RRBBYYThe App Store4.5


“A fun & distinctly original block based action puzzle game.”

– 148apps

“RRBBYY will suck up your weekend!”

– iCulture

Player reviews

The goal is simple: match your colored block to the falling ones by red, blue, or yellow. But they aren’t always just falling! This game keeps you on your toes, especially when you’re 1st starting & figuring it all out cuz once you think you’re getting the hang of it, you’re not. Definitely a great game that won’t get old. Highly recommend for its addictiveness, ¬†aesthetics, & retro vibe.


UPDATES MAKE IT AWESOME!!! This game seems to start off very simple but is actually quite a challenge. After getting over the learning curve of the color changes it becomes a lot of fun. I found it very rewarding to clear the screen and keep coming back to play it. The sound and art quality is spot on. Take notice, this game deserves a lot of attention.